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Eat The Right Foods Nutrition and Wellness Book

Do you want to feel better?  Do you suffer from Chronic Disease?
Are you overweight?  Has your doctor said,  "To watch what you eat?"  Are you tired all the time?  If So...

Eat The Right Foods teaches you healthy eating strategies and lifestyles changes so you can lose 100 pounds of fat like me.

I was over 270 lbs in August 2007 at age Age 42.
I could barely walk a flight of stairs.

After one year of eating right, I lost 50 lbs.

I began feeling well enough to begin walking each day.
 At 200 lbs, I began to exercise with Pilates and yoga.

I put on 25 lbs of muscle mass and then worked that down to 188. I went from a 44 pant that did not fit to 34 waist with room. Jan 1, 2010.

I have lost over 120 pounds of fat and replaced it with leaner muscular body in about 2 1/2 years. I did this while enrolled in chefs school where I became a Certified Chef. I lost 1 pound a week. Does not seem like much, but you have to think long term. It was during this time that I wrote the companion cookbook, "Cook The Right Foods" which usually meant, redoing recipes which we were taught to cook in a restaurant, and add the ones that worked for me over the last several years.

Lots of Hard work.
About 1 pound a week for about 2 1/2 years.

Chef Charles Michael Health Guru and Nutrition Expert
And I did it by Eating and Cooking the Right Foods with a little bit of walking and yoga.

Eat The Right Foods is a nutrition and lifestyle book that takes you through 25 steps towards eating in a more healthful way for overall wellness. We don’t teach you to diet or start an exercise program, we teach you how to eat right.  Special sections on eating right for coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer are included.  This book is designed for readers suffering from a Western Diet.

Turning forty and obese category III, I suffered from high blood pressure, cholesterol and pre Type II diabetes made me take an inventory of my life. I was very unhealthy, could barely walk up a flight of stairs, and concerned for my health. My best friend who was in perfect shape, financially worry-free and had a wife who was a dietitian passed away at just 50. He was of perfect health, I was of pathetic should have been me. Something had to change, as my cardiovascular system was failing.

I had realized that the advice that I was getting from doctors was the wrong advice. “Just take these pills for the rest of you life and keep doing what your doing and your will be just fine,” was the standard advice I got. The high blood pressure medicine made me tired and not where I wanted to be mentally. I was so fat I was beginning to get sleep apnea.

Finally I had enough. I began researching weight loss techniques, diets and various life style changes. I read 100 books on diet, exercise programs and the curative properties of food. I decided that for long-term weigh loss the best solution was to learn how to eat right. I decided then, that I would eat my way back to health, not diet or exercise.

When a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, I studied food ties to cancer. A stunning conclusion, coronary heart, diabetes, cancer and high cholesterol all have ties to what you eat. This book sets you up with the information you need to change your lifestyle and begin eating in a healthful way. I have included critical information on chronic diseases and obesity. I wish you my success, as I have lost over 100 pounds of fat and have been off all medicine for years



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We encourage people to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains as the mainstay of their diet if they want to begin eating in a healthful way. That doesn’t mean that we can’t eat meat. Westerners have an affliction with eating red meat and this book steers meat eaters to make the healthiest choices to put into their mouths.

If you’re like most people you have tried fad diets, exercise programs and other activities to loss weight, you are still probably one of the 2/3 of the country’s overweight citizens. There are so many diets out there from the chocolate diet to the eat nothing but red meat diet to the brown rice diet. Do they work? Well if it is short term results you’re looking for, you will probably lose a few pounds on any diet you go on. Some diets focus on eating a ton of one thing that’s been deemed healthy by a trivial study or fact.

To eat a healthful diet, a person needs to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole
grains, fats and proteins to stay healthy.

The products you choose can make a big difference in the weight loss result you experience. You can still enjoy a steak, but selecting the proper cut in a proper portion size can mean a saving of 100’s of calories and weight loss success.

Cook the Right Foods helps chefs pick lean cuts of meat and gives recipes for the healthful preparation of beef, chicken, pork, fish and wild game. We teach you how to make healthy salads, soups and smoothes and introduce an eating plan which makes smart use of meat in your diet. We give you frank advice on how to reduce you dependence of red meat and give you many option of change up you plate. With larger portions of vegetables and whole grains , ideally, meat should be 1/3 or less of the plate.

Thus book offers more than a healthy eating plan, it also offers healthy cooking techniques with over 300 recipes.


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Cook The Right Foods will show you how to cook healthy, nutritious and great tasting recipes for you to make easily at home or in your restaurant.  We include lean meat recipes for those suffering from a Western Diet, as too many people are digging their graves with their own knife and fork.


Shop the Right Foods advises readers how to shop at grocery stores, cook at home and eat at restaurants for specific ingredients that are best for your health. This books focus on in Super Foods and their curative properties for chronic disease. Super Food recipes are categorized for coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer and weight-loss.

This books focus is on ingredients and super foods helpful in the prevention, reversal or maintenance of chronic disease. Is it what we eat, or do not eat, that explains the high rates of chronic disease associated with a Western diet? The CDC states, 80 % of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and 40% of cancer can be avoided through 3 simple things:

1) Stop Smoking
2) Moderate Exercise
3) Proper Eating

Of the three, the first two are straight forward and depend on the willpower of the participant. Shopt The Right Foods focuses on is teaching eating strategies for long term health. While our first book gives basic strategies for healthy eating and our second book focuses on portion control and healthier preparations, this book’s focus is on specific ingredients.

Eating healthy is not really defined anywhere. It’s usually assumed by a doctor who tells a patient to eat better and lose weight that they know what to do.

While no one food will cure any disease, eating a variety of healthy foods and changing certain lifestyle traits is the norm, not the exception, to those who tend to survive chronic disease. There seems to be no coincidence that those who eat a Mediterranean or Eastern diet have fewer incidences of chronic disease. Hippocrates said it best, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Our super food recipes have nutrient profiles that are helpful for prevention, maintenance or reversal of chronic diseases deemed avoidable by the CDC. Shop The Right Foods offers tasty recipes which meet or exceed recommendations by the American Heart Association, American cancer Association, and American Diabetes Association. We go in-depth to an ingredient level, teaching you how to shop at grocery stores, cook at home, dine out and give actual substitution advice in selecting foods which have fewer calories, less salt and fat and more nutrients and fiber.

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Your Health Depends on How Well You Eat.
The Sooner You Start to Eat Right The Sooner You Will Feel Better. 
Learn to Eat Right Today.

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